2008 ULHRA Sring Training

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April 17, 2008

We had another successful day on the water! We were fortunate to work with the ULHRA and Seafair to have the opportunity to test our new fuel pump setup and a couple of propellers we were loaned by Dixon Smith.

Our illustrious engine consultant Peter Orton was our designated driver for the day because we needed the same person to report back on the differences between the two props. After we were done with our third run, however, the differences were clear so Chief and Steve were able to go out and get some more "seat time". MISS THRIFTWAY was run harder than she's been run up to this point and it showed a weakness in our engine venting and introduced a bit more of the Bardhal hydroplane oil to the hull than she has in the past.

One of the highlights of the day for us was a "photo op" with Dixon and the 1962 MISS BARDAHL. A couple of close passes by the dock proved to yeild some great shots. Check out Chris Denslow and Jim Clarks galleries with the links below. Also, the ULHRA has posted a 60 minute show on thier website: Spring Training

Saturday after the run (April 19th) the crew pulled the engine so we can go over it and check everything for loose nuts and bolts. (it also helps the cleanup!)

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