2009 Columbia Cup

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Tri-Cities, WA.
July 24-26, 2009

The Tri-Cities Water Follies invited the 1955 Miss Thriftway, 1962 Miss Bardahl and the 1975 Oh Boy! Oberto to put on a vintage demonstration for the 2009 Columbia Cup. We were scheduled to run once on Friday and Sauturday, but after our Saturday run, Mike Denslow told us they were going to work us in to the Sunday schedule so we should be ready to run sometime on Sunday...part of the BIG show!

On Friday, three fans got a chance to see what it was like to go around the racecourse at 135MPH. Tri-Cities Water Follies President, Mike Denslow got to ride with Dixon in Miss Bardahl. Lisa Bersherer, Marketing Director for Lamb Weston (Columbia Cup main sponsor) was the passenger in Miss Thriftway, and another lucky fan rode with our buddy Dane Sorensen in the Oh Boy! Oberto.

Saturday brought all three boats out again withouth riders this time. Fred Farley, ABRA/APBA Historian, keeps times on EVERYBODY who runs on a racecourse. He told us that the speeds were significantly faster on Saturday...Hmmmm, I wonder....

Sunday was show time! Again all three boats went out for the four to five laps with the final one in a parade lap at a slower speed close to shore waving at the crowd. This gave the fans an opportunity to see the boats a little closer.

We would like to thank the Tri Cities Water Follies organization for putting on such a fine event. We we very happy to help make their event a success. Our thanks again to Chris Denslow for providing the photos below!

Please visit Chris's photo gallery of the entire race and if you see something you like, purchase an 8x10 from him. Please help support the great work he does for boat racing!
Chris Denslows photos

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