2010 Mahogany & Merlot

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MAHOGANY & MERLOT - October 2-3, 2010
Lake Chelan, WA.

The Lake Chelan event this year was different from years past. It was the very FIRST all vintage APBA event held west of the Mississippi. Jon and Chris Courtright along with John Walcker put on a venue that was a mix of the vintage unlimiteds, vintage limited inboards and the old mahagony runabouts. "Mahogany and Merlot" brought the local wineries into the mix as there are numerous facilities around Lake Chelan.

The two day event saw the unlimiteds run on Saturday, with a couple of breaks that allowed the limited inboards to take a few laps too. The ACBS (Antique and Classic Boat Society) had over 10 classic runabouts giving rides during the Saturday portion also.

The six unlimiteds, MISS THRIFTWAY (1955), MISS BARDAHL (1962), MISS WAHOO (1957), MISS BURIEN (1960), MISS BUDWEISER (1967) and OH BOY! OBERTO (1975), gave over 35 rides. More would have been given, but a blown hydraulic hose on the crane left the Wahoo, Burien and Bud on the beach for over half the day.

The legendary Mira Slovak had come up from Califonia to take the WAHOO for a spin, but with the fact the WAHOO sat on the trailer most of the time, he had to settle for taking Crew Chief Steve Payne for a ride in the MISS THIRFTWAY. Mira, being the gracious person he is, stated how surprised he was as he felt like he had been taken back 53 years once he got his hands on the steering wheel and pushed down on the foot peddle.

The crane was replaced mid afternoon, and the three boats finally got into the water. A flurry of rides were made up in a very short period of time. The constant roar of Allisons and Merlins kept echoing off the canyon walls until 5pm.

Sunday was the vintage limited boys day. The 12 inboards started around 9am and saw multiple drivers trading hulls so they could see what the other guys had. While there was really no formal racing, a few of the drivers "hooked up" on the race course and sparred around...it was great fun!

As always, the Lake Chelan event is a spectacular way to end the season. The viewing area was full of spectators, and the weather was fantastic. Everyone is looking forward to an exciting 2011!

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Photos by Lori Norton (unless otherwise noted)

Crewman Wayne Hill

Steve trailer firing while Ryan watches

Everything is under Chiefs watchfull eye

Where did that roller come from?


Vintage & more Vintage

(Dixon Smith)
(Larry Fuller)
(Dane Sorensen)

Chief with Mira

Chief & Lesley

Lesley with Mira

Mira & Chief

Mira driving MISS T around the course

"Just like the old times"

Stu bein' Stu

Stu & Lars

Lori & Lars

Connie & John Tietz

Rob & John hittin' the corner hard

Chief with the Participant Award

Lori & Nicole

Rob, Lesley, Chief, Connie & John

Judy Smith, Luann Osterberg and Julie Hempton

Steve & Mary


Julie & Rob

Mr. & Mrs. "FLASH"

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