2010 Spring Training

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Lake Washington - Seattle, WA.

Miss Thriftway, along with Miss Bardahl, and this year the Museums Oh Boy! Oberto, participated in the ULHRA's Spring Training. Unlike past years, the weather was a bit more cooperative. With the exception of a little rain squall that came through around noon, it was dry and the water was nice.

Over the winter, it was discovered that the gear box housing was not aligned. We had it machined and made a .020 correction. When the gear that was in this bearing pack is turning up to 10,000 RPM, it can create heat in a hurry! That is what has been happening for the past 3 years...BUT, no more!!!

Just like when Miss Thriftway raced, stuff happens at the race site. During our trailer firing, the magneto didn't want to work properly. After trying to get it to cooperate for about an hour, Chief and Peter made the decision to change it out. We got in the water around 12:30. We had two dignitaries that we were going to give rides. Dr. Fred Wicknick DMD and Rick Haggen of Haggen Foods, both from Bellingham had won the auction we had donated a ride to at Western Washington University's athletic department. Due to the uncertainty of our running status, we had arranged with Dixon Smith, Miss Bardahl owner, to give Rick a ride. It turned out we got into the water at the same time Dixon was going to give Rick his ride, so Rick got to ride in the Green Dragon while we took Fred out in Miss Thriftway.

Long time supporter, and good friend, Clarence Freeman also got a ride.

We would like to exdend our "Thanks" to Joe Frauenheim and the ULHRA staff for putting on another successful Spring Training.

What can you say about Chris Denslow? He has done so much for us by allowing us to focus on running the boat rather than worry about "are we getting enough pictures?" Once again he showed up with his camera and excellent skill and spent the day shooting pictures. The photos below are all his but you can view his entire gallery at SmugMug
THANKS CHRIS!!!!!! You're awesome!!!!

In addition to Chris, Julie Sparrowgorve and Jim Clark were on hand and got some great shots!

Julie Sparrogrove                  Jim Clark

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