2010 Lamb Weston Cup - Kennewick, WA.

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LAMB WESTON CUP - JULY 23-25, 2010
Columbia River - Kennewick, WA.

Miss Thriftway, Miss Bardahl along with the Museums 1980 Griffon Miss Budweiser and the 1982 Atlas Van Lines, participated in the 45th Annual Lamb Weston Cup held on the Columbia River in the Tri Cities on June 23-25. The water was calm and the weather was HOT!

We arrived on Wednesday, and on Wednesday evening we got a call from Mike Denslow. He has scheduled another hydro to appear at the ABC affiliate in the Tri Cities, KVEW, but there was a problem and he needed a substitute. He asked if we could do it, but there was a catch...we needed to be there at 5am! Being the toupers we are, we showed up and were featured on the "Good Morning Northwest" early show with Kevin Uretsky.

Good Morning Northwest segment 1
Good Morning Northwest segment 2
Good Morning Northwest segment 3

After the early morning show, we went back to motel, grabbed another hours sleep and then headed to the ---- golf course for the annual golf tournament. We were staged at the 14th tee box and saw most of the foursomes before we had to leave to set the boat in the pits by 3:30.

On Friday morning, Peter took Chief out for a tour of the long Tri-Cities course. Later that afternoon, Rob took Bri Mosteller for a trip around the course. Bri is the daughter of John Mosteller, the Water Ops Director for the 2010 Lamb Weston Cup.

Saturday saw another vintage sponsor ride get fulfilled. Steve C took Joel Storey for a ride. Joel is Tim Storey's father and Tim is the owner of Western States Insurance who sponsored the Vintage Challenge race that took place on Friday.

Sunday saw something special for us at the Thriftway camp. Our buddy Bill Black from Neosho, Missouri brought his almost completed Gale V hull to the event. So on Sunday, we talked Mike Denslow into letting us give Bill a ride. Larry had the honors and Bill was still smiling when we all left for home on Monday morning.

All three days the entire vintage contingent was treated to a buffet style luncheon put on by our "girls". Lesley, Mary, Mrs. Flash (Karen J), Julie, Nicole and Karen fuller with contributions from Judy Smith (Mrs. Bardahl) all prepared and cooked, BBQ Pulled pork sandwiches, Hot dogs, beef skewers, multiple salads and deserts. It was truly a feast. Thanks to Jim and Gloria Hyatt for contributin the motorhome whick made it even better!

Once again, Vashon Unlimiteds is very grateful to the generosity of the photographers who help bring us the awesome pictures of not only our boat in action, but all of the rest of the hydros that participate in these events. Chris Denslow, Jim Simpson, Julie Sparrowgrove and Mark Sharley...guys, we can't thank you enough. Please, check out the links below, and go to Smugmug and purchase a couple of pictures from these wonderful artists!

Chris Denslow:                  Smugmug

Julie Sparrowgrove:            Smugmug

Photos by Lori Norton

Peter and Chief

Mrs. and Mr. Fuller

Crewman Wayne Hill

Peter & Chief getting ready

Heading out

Nice long straight a ways

Larry and Steve draining the sponsons

Larry, "Flash" and Chief

Bardahl and Thriftway at the dock

Ahhhh, Roostertails!


Lesley enjoying the event.

David Willimas taking some down time

Joel Storey and Steve

On the course with Miss Bardahl

Joel & Steve after the ride

Clarence and Karen Fuller

Flash with the guys from the UL-9

Alan wants to share the "special" gummy bears

Our good friend and crew guy Monte

Mary Compton &
Nicole Sorensen

Jim & Josh Hyatt

Lesley & Wayne getting the skewers ready

Judy & Bill black

We had a good size crowd for lunch!

Lots of orange shirts here!

Lori Norton, Karen & Larry

Lori in the boat

Getting ready to trailer fire

Larry crankin' her up

Alan taking a break

Our "infomation board"

The crew discussing our Sunday run

Bill Black & Larry

Ready to go

Out with Dixon

Bill seems happy

Brad Luce had to get an interview

Brad & Bill

Julie, Lesley and Karen

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