2011 Tastin' 'n Racin'

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TASTIN' n RACIN' - JUNE 11-12, 2011
Lake Sammamish - Issaquah, WA.

Miss Thriftway, along with the Museums Oh Boy! Oberto, and Miss Wahoo participated in the 15th Annual Tastin' 'n Racin' Event held at the Lake Sammamish State Park on June 11-12. The weather was just spectacular!

Unlike last year, the lake level was more along the normal side so the pit area and spectator area was a bit larger. There were the typical cramming in of boats to make up the pits, but with the crane on one side and the U-100 on the other, we were able to have plenty of room to set up.

Like previous years, we were scheduled to run twice each day along side one of the Museums boats. When getting the boats into the water for the first run on Saturday, the Oberto seemed to be taking on water for some reason. Wisely so, the crew decided not to run her and put her back on the trailer. It turned out the fitting that feeds water to the whep strut (intermediate support strut), had broken which, essentially, was the same as a 5/8" hole in the bottom of the boat. We ended up running solo for both runs on Saturday.

Saturday night, after everything was done, the Oberto was pulled out and the Miss Wahoo was brought in for Sundays event.

On Sunday, the weather continued to cooperate, and the schedule got back to normal. Around 1:00, Miss T was in the water, along with Miss Wahoo and Steve C had our crew guy Jim "Flash" Johnston all suited up for a ride. The Museums Executive Director, David Williams, drove the Wahoo and the two boats put on a staged show which the crowd seemed to enjoy.

Sunday morning, we caught Wil Muncey near his boat and realized that we needed to get him in the Thriftway and get some pics. How special is it that we actually have a Muncey sitting in our boat? Thanks to Chris Denslow, we were able to get some shots which are posted below.

Later on Sunday, Alan McDonough and Steve went out with Gary Jensen riding along and repeated the earlier performance. Gary is a sheet metal fabricator who built the oil tanks for both boats.

Once agian, under the experienced direction of Jon & Chris Courtright, John O'Brien and the rest of the TnR staff, the 2011 version of Tastin' and Racin' is in the books as another wonderful event that sported hot racing, good food and pristine old cars! Vashon Unlimiteds is appreciative of their wonderful hospitality and putting up with all the challenges they did in order to put on such a successful event.

AND THE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! Our sport is so lucky to have the likes of Chris Denslow, Jim Simpson, Julie Sparrowgrove and Patrick Gleason...guys, we can't thank you enough. Please, check out the links below, and go to Smugmug and purchase a couple of pictures from these wonderful artists!

Chris Denslow:                                 Day 1      Day 2

Julie Sparrowgrove:                         Both Days

Patrick "Sponsonhead" Gleason:        Day 1      Day 2

Photo by Chris Denslow

Thriftway doing Wahoo!

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