"The Building of Miss Thriftway!"
Hull Construction Photos - 2004


Alan detailing the batten support blocks

Chief sealing the hard to reach areas around the fuel tanks

Steam bent White Oak sponson support

Bent Oak piece in place

Batten support blocks in place.

Looking down the keel

Alan making the rudder attachment bracket

Alan installing the rudder attachment bracket

Left Sponson

Rob with Ron Jones laying out a sponson chine

The Master's still got it!

Steve & Rob re-trimming the bow shelf

Larry trimming some bottom battens

Non-trip chine discussion

Sponson chines & batten layout

To Do List!

It's taking shape

Eric Compton (Steve's son) sealing the inside of the sponsons

Rob, Larry and Dixon Schwenk fitting the batten for the non-trip

Non-trip battens at transom

Rob 'fine tuning' the angle


Rob using draw knife to remove White Oak for the non-trip chine.

Steve doing the same!

Larry, Chief and Alan attaching the Left sponson sheer

Alan applying the glue!

Bow shot!

Right sheer in place...Chief and Alan checking it out, and Larry calling it a day!

MARCH 2004

Using pull plane, Rob gets the sheer clamp down to the 45 degree angle

Look at those chips FLY!!!

Sponson chines

Non-trip chine intersection (where the chine, side and bottom meet

Right side non-trip just before the batten were attached...note the notch left from the router during the final depth/angle cut

Battens attached! Watch soon for the skin!

Steve C drilling the non-trip chine skin

Right non-trip...note the plank filling in on the side. This is where the trailer bunk will be located so as not to collapse the side skin.

Alan with friend Brian and Lloyd Collins.

Steve and Alan applying Hysol to a shim

Chief, Alan and Steve tightening the transom bolts

Steve drilling the holes for the rudder bracket...Alan is making sure he's SQUARE!!!

Inside reinforcement for the rudder. This ties frame #17 to the transom to spread out the stress.

Steve is transfer punching the inside angle aluminum

Rob, Chief and Brian checking out the very first installation of the rudder!

This shows the position of the steering arm

APRIL 2004

Cowling plugs

Cowling plugs

Mock up pieces of pine in place for sponson chines

Chief, Alan and Lloyd work on drilling the drain holes in the transom angle

Left non-trip clamped in place...we're now waiting on screws.

MAY 2004

New 17 inch Steering Wheel with the newly rebuilt Casale steering box

Steve and Chief bolting down a right sponson chine

Chine bolt detail

Steve installing a 3/8 inch wood dowel to affix the front of the chines

Rear cowl moulds with extensions

Another picture of glue drying!

Steve is using the Stout Tool STX100 X-Band 18 volt cordless bandsaw to trim the excess from one of the bottom aluminum skins.

Mark Evans is the spokesman for Stout Tool and generously let us use this great tool to see what applications we had for it!"

Corky Peterson explains to the Chief some of the functionality of our brand new trailer!

Trailer on tilt

Left side non-trip glued in place"


Ron Jones Sr. putting the final angle of attack on the right sponson

Senior using the power plane to finish off the left non-trip

Steve and Larry installing the screws in the right non-trip (FINALLY!)

Right non-trip with the screws installed

A closer look!

It's ORANGE!!!! Note the 'Purple' from California Custom we used to polish the diamond plate.


Things are taking shape!

The side of the boat just before the bandsaw work.

AFTER the bandsaw and in place

Left sheer clamp in place

Steve Compton marking out the notch and angle at frame #1.

The Chief marking where the the air trap stops so we don't waste glue!

Alan sealing up the bottom of the side battens with West epoxy where it will be verrrry hard to get to once the sides are on.

Rob & Peter back drilling the right side

Joe Winkler and Lloyd Collins discussing hydro stuff

Alan filling in voids before the side goes on

The drill Brigade

The rudder done and in place.

Alan and Stuart applying glue to the right side

Alan installing the right side

Side/Non-trip, an inside view

Larry pilot drilling the left side

Left side installed


Larry sanding the bottom while Chief checks it for high spots

Was Larry the only one sanding?!

Transom after extension angle applied and drain holes drilled.

Station #8 Right side glue block.

Rob cutting the excess tube at the drain holes

Filler block at start of non-trip

Rob at the mill shaping the 5/8" rudder shim.

Right air trap towards fuel tank.

Right Sponson

Chief, Steve and Larry Spreading the Hysol on the bottom skin

Alan was busy mixing while the rest of us spread it!

Steve continuing to spread the Hysol

Ready to GO!!!!!

Larry, Rob and Alan laying the aluminum in place

Our benefactor, Harold Foss

Dixon lifting the mock-up Merlin out of the Bardahl so we could see better.

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