Past Crew & Support

Rob Wheeler Former Co-Owner - Science Officer Rob Wheeler of Vashon Island, WA.
(aka "Scooter")

Rob is the crew chief and driver of the Museums Hawaii Kai III. In addition, he was an important construction member of the innovative Turbine U-2 Trendwest in early 2003. The Miss Thriftway hull spent the first three years of the build in Robs shop.

Alan McDonough Crew Alan McDonough of Bellevue, WA.
(aka "Aldo")
Alan owns Superior Automotive, an auto/marine repair shop in Bellevue. He is the owner of U-7 Miss Sammamish (originally Miss Skyway), crew member of Unlimited Excitments 1980 Miss Budweiser as well as Hawaii Kai III. Alan has been helping out since the beginning and has plans to build the U-77 Wahoo which was a sister ship to the 1955 Miss Thriftway.

Lou Fezio Computer/CNC Technician Lou Fezio of Vashon Island, WA.
Lou "No Fairing" Fezio made the bold statement at the beginning of the project that his goal would be to make Miss Thriftway as accurate as possible. With his design skill and programming ablility with CNC software, Lou has saved the project DAYS by tweaking and fussing with the dimensions so they were PERFECT! We did not have to remake any frame part!

Steve Sorensen Crew Steve Sorensen of Seattle, WA.
(aka "Whip Strut")
Mild mannered Boeing worker by day, hard charging hydroplane enthusists by night. Steve started bringing his son Dane down to the museum to work on the boats since Dane was 13. Steve has been regularly working on the Thriftways Allison and took a series of photos the night the block was assembled.

Dane Sorensen Crew Dane Sorensen of Seattle, WA.
(aka "Stane")
Dane has been working on these vintage boats since he was 13. He was named crew chief of the Miss Madison (painted as the Oh Boy! Oberto since 2003) and when he turned 18 years old in 2003, was given the opportunity to take her out solo. Dane has also been a regular at the Friday night engine parties.

Larry Vanderhoef All around nice guy! Larry Vanderhoef of Vashon Island, WA.
Larry has been working on the Friday night engine sessions since the beginning. Larry has been generously using his equipment to transport various items for the Miss Thriftway (engines, etc...) and has worked with the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum by being a tow vehicle for the past three years.

Eric Compton Merchandise Coordinator Eric Compton of Sammamish, WA.
(aka "Sliver")
Eric is Steves youngest son, and has helped on the project by enthusiastically selling Miss Thriftway merchandise. In 2004 at Lake Chelan, Eric sold over 25 tee shirts, presented the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum a donation of $100.00 from the proceeds, and has helped Steve in coordinating and shipping the merchandise for the team.

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